DestroyPix app support

Use two finger tap to turn on/off the User Interface.

After loading in an image, select “Brush” in the menu to paint with a brush. Select “Corrupt” (for example) to use the brush. Then paint on the screen with your finger. Most brushes are pressure sensitive, the Corrupt brush is also direction sensitive. While painting, two fingers can always be used to scale and pan the image. Note that a two-finger tap turns on/off the UI. Tap “Undo” to undo the latest action / brush stroke. Press and hold “Undo” to start over from the original image. Press “Export” to save the image to camera roll.

More info on the app here.

If you’re having any trouble with the app, try updating to the latest version. If problems persist, delete/uninstall the app entirely and then visit App Store / Google Play to re-install.

Please contact peder (dot) norrby (at) gmail (dot) com for support